Oct 20

Car finance in Australia – don’t go with the dealership until you have checked out other car finance

Published in new car loannew car financemortgage broker by Vicky Edema
The mistake many buyers make when they are looking to purchase a new car is to settle their car finance with the dealership. Certainly there may be times that the car finance offered by the dealer is competitive but as a general rule you will find a better car finance package through other financiers in the car finance space. All too often, buyers of a new car are swept up in the emotion of driving that beautiful vehicle out of the car lot as soon as possible and think that the quickest way to do this is to sign up the car finance with the dealer. The fact is that you can now apply for car finance on-line and have a response that will deliver the car to you as quickly as the dealer’s car finance arrangements.

I recently decided to search the internet for my car finance and was surprised to find how easy it was to obtain an approval. There are a couple of ways of proceeding with your car finance enquiry.

1. You can go on-line and simply fill out an enquiry form which should basically include how much car finance you are seeking, the purchase price / estimated value and model of your motor vehicle, is it new or used? You should also include in your enquiry for car finance – your current income. Completing an enquiry for car finance takes a matter of minutes and as a general rule when I did it, I received a response within 48 hours. This option suits those who know what they are looking for but aren’t in any huge hurry for their car finance.

2. You can also go on-line and complete a full application form for car finance. This is obviously more comprehensive and requires you to spend more time but basically you will be providing the same information that would be required of you when you sit down with the finance representative of the dealer and complete a car finance application with them. So, take the initiative and put in a little effort – then reap the rewards of good competitively priced car finance. I suggest that as soon as you are in the market to purchase a new or used car, then get on-line and check out what is required with an application for car finance. Get the information together and sit down and complete the car finance application yourself. You will be surprised and feel pretty good about yourself when you have an approval for the car finance and go to the dealer ready to negotiate because you know you have your loan approved and that once you determine the sale price (bargain hard!) then that red corvette (we wish!) will be yours in a flash!

3. A lot of new car buyers do not realise that they can utilise the services of a “bulk buyer” (for want of a getter word) when negotiating the purchase of their new car. Many parties who provide car finance also offer a buying service – it is at no cost to you – they receive a commission from the dealer. I used these services when buying my Holden Astra in Sydney – I ended up having it delivered to my front door from a car dealer in Wollongong at a $2500 saving on the price.
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