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Let My Choice Finance save you time and money and make the loan application process a happy experience for you!

We have a terrific team on board who are knowledgeable and friendly and with access to a wide range of all lenders we can help you make the right choice of loan - one that suits your needs.
At no cost to you, we will assist with the lodgement of your loan application and can liaise with your chosen lender to ensure a successful outcome for you.
In Addition, by choosing to arrange your loan through us you will be helping young Australians living with cancer without compromising on price. My Choice is proud to be an on-going supporter of the Canteen Home Loan Appeal. 
We guarantee that the process is quick and easy - to get started just click on the My Choice Home Loan button above.

Full Member of MFAA and COSL

GEM Home Loans Pty Ltd trading as My Choice Finance is a member of the Mortgage & Finance Association of Australia ( MFAA), the professional body for the mortgage industry, and the Credit Ombudsman Services Limited (COSL), an ASIC-approved external dispute resolution service which is available free to any of our customers who may have a complaint or hardship request which they feel has not been resolved satisfactorily with My Choice Finance. CLICK HERE

GEM Home Loans Pty Ltd trading as My Choice Finance is licensed through ASIC as an Australian Credit Licensee Licence No 392301

Customer Testimonial

 "The service was highly professional, was well informed..." (Read More)
"Your consultant was very approachable and helpful during the loan process..." (Read More)
"A special thank you to your staff for putting up with a seemingly endless list of questions from me..." (Read More)
"Your consultant went above and beyond the call of duty and provided us with a great deal.." (Read more)

The Buzz

Cheap Home Loans are still out there – speak to a mortgage broker for the best deal!
Recent surveys of those borrowers who use a mortgage broker to find them a cheap home loan, a more flexible home loan or new car finance show that around 95% of them are extremely happy with the service offered by the mortgage broker or lease broker.
+

Car finance in Australia – don’t go with the dealership until you have checked out other car finance
The mistake many buyers make when they are looking to purchase a new car is to settle their car finance with the dealership. Certainly there may be times that the car finance offered by the dealer is competitive but as a general rule you will find a better car finance package through other financiers in the car finance space.
+

A cheap home loan may not necessarily be the best one for you
I was at a BBQ on the weekend and a borrower friend was telling me about this terrific home loan finance he had just arranged through a mortgage broker. Another mate said that he didn’t see the need to use a mortgage broker because he simply applied directly to a lender who was advertising a cheap home loan deal. Well, that was 6 months ago and when I bumped into him recently he was seething. He felt he had been duped by his bank when taking that cheap home loan. Why?
+

A new car loan from the dealer is not always the best choice for your new car finance
When purchasing a new car it is always very easy to be swept away in the excitement of it all and want to take delivery as quickly as possible. To do this it is simply a matter of agreeing on the price of your new car and signing the necessary documents for a new car loan. All done and dusted. But just how much more have you paid for your new car and your new car loan because of your “want it now” approach?
+

Looking for a new car loan? Then look beyond the caryard!
Last weekend I was out looking to buy a new car – a Holden Calais 60th anniversary edition in fact. I had been to a few dealerships and finally made a decision to buy. The salesman asked whether I had pre-arranged a new car loan. I hadn’t done so and as a result I was ushered into the office and bombarded with a whole heap of numbers relating to a proposed new car loan.
+

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